6th Grade Boys Travel Team Roster

Marcus Williams

Aiden Newton

Mace Brooks

Finley Powell

Braden Herman

KJ Pulliam

Rory Eckberg

Berkley Messel

Ethan Starstead

Robert Guthrie

Sam Koivisto

Lachlan Starstead

8th Grade Boys Travel Team Roster

Sam Hanson

Carter Kilroy

Caleb Kilroy

Dane Dzuck

Aiadn Jimenez

Gavin Bulthuis

Dzhae Goodwin

C.J. Christenson

Skyler Fossum

Dionte Riley

Ayden Rogers

Aiden Persons

2017-18 Duluth Denfeld Travel Team Information:

The Duluth Denfeld Boys and Girls Basketball Program, led by the Varsity Coaching Staff, will be conducting youth travel team tryouts for all boys and girls in 6th through 8th grades. Ultimately, this is the Duluth Denfeld High School feeder program.

What is the cost to play traveling basketball? 

The fee for each participant is anywhere from $150-$250 for the winter season. The cost covers tournament fees, basic equipment needs, and insurance coverage. Players already signed up for recreational basketball may have a discount to the fee.

Eligibility Requirements: 

All players must live in the Duluth Denfeld High School Attendance Zone or currently attend a public school under Minnesota's Open Enrollment Law. Few exceptions can be made. 

Tryout Dates: 

6th Grade Boys:

Monday October 2 and Wednesday October 4, 7:30-8:30 at Lincoln Park Middle School.

8th Grade Boys:

Tuesday October 3 and Thursday October 5, 7:30-8:30 at Lincoln Park Middle School.

7th Grade Girls:

Monday October 2 and Wednesday October 4, 7:30-8:30 at Lincoln Park Middle School.

*Boys and Girls tryouts will be held on separate courts.

6th grade girls are welcome to come to the 7th grade girls tryouts just as 7th grade boys are welcome to come to the 8th grade boys tryout.

Tryouts will start promptly at designated times. Tryouts will be closed to minimize distractions for players and evaluators. All are welcome for the last 15 minutes of tryouts 

Parent Meeting: TBA after tryouts. The purpose of this meeting is for parents to meet the coaching staff, understand general policies of the Denfeld Youth Basketball Program, hand in forms and fees, and order uniforms for participants (if needed).  

NOTE: All tryout participants must pay $100 in check form. If your son makes a team, this payment will be put towards the overall fee for participation. If your son doesn’t make a team, the check will be shredded. 

Basic Information:

Players on our traveling basketball teams play in competitive leagues. Our teams will play in weekend tournaments in the Twin Ports area, Northwest Wisconsin, and in some cases in the Twin Cities and St. Cloud areas. Team selections are based on skill level. Game participation will be at the discretion of the coaching staff. Parents are responsible for all transportation throughout the travel season. 

Contact Andy Roberts (218-341-1460) or Erik Lofald (218-260-9472) with any questions or concerns.