2018 Tournament brackets

​​Games at Proctor High School
Boys 5th Grade -
Gold Division Bracket
Elk River A * Superior (Lisdahl) * Duluth East ( Pederson) * Eastview B

Boys 5th Grade -
Maroon Division Bracket Updated 11/17
Pool A: Eastview White * Elk River B * Proctor (Nyberg)
Pool B: Eastview Silver * Elk River C * Cloquet (Frerich)

Boys 6th Grade -
Gold Division Bracket Updated 11/17
Pool A: Elk River A * Duluth East Red (Albertson) * Hospitality House
Pool B: Cloquet (Battaglia) * Eastview B * Denfeld

Boys 6th Grade -
Maroon Division Bracket Updated 11/17
Pool A: Proctor (Synott) * Eastview C * Rebels (Fitzgerald)
Pool B: Duluth East Grey * Elk River C * Hermantown (Senst)

Girls 6th Grade -
Maroon Division Bracket
Superior (Lampton) * Esko (Christensen)
Proctor (Evans) * Forest Lake Gold (Doten)

Girls 6th Grade -
Gold Division Bracket
Forest Lake Maroon (Eckert) * Esko (Wells)
Cloquet (Maslowski) * Duluth East (Serck)

Girls 5th Grade –
Gold Division Bracket
Proctor (Evans) * Cloquet (Hughes)
Duluth East (Witzman) * Superior (Leask)

Games at Lincoln Park Middle School
Boys 7th Grade –
White Division Bracket
Elk River Red C * Eastview Silver C
Forest Lake Rangers C (Foss) * Rebels C

Boys 7th Grade –
Red Division Bracket
Eastview White C * Duluth Denfeld C * Proctor C (Graden)
Elk River White C * Stillwater C * Albany Purple C (Crumley)

Boys 8th –
Red Division Bracket
Albany A * Stillwater A * Elk River A
Eastview A * Duluth East Red * Esko (Berger)

Boys 8th – White Division Bracket
Eastview B * Rebels B * Spring Lake Park B
Forest Lake (Heyer) * Elk River B * Stillwater B

Boys 8th –
Blue Division Bracket
Eastview White C * Eastview Silver C * Elk River C
Stillwater C * Duluth Denfeld * Duluth East Grey (Paulson)
Proctor (Maahs) * Forest Lake (Skog)

Games at Denfeld High School

Girls 7th –
Gold Division Bracket
Albany A (Gerads) * Eagan A/B * Esko A (Swenson) * Cloquet A/B (Danielson)

Girls 7th grade -
Maroon Division Bracket Updated (11/5)
Hermantown (Kleffman)* Superior (Zentkowski)* Eagan C
Forest Lake Gold (Henderson) * Duluth East (Walt) * International Falls (Anderson)

Girls 8th grade–
Gold Division Bracket
Hopkins (Garcia) * Eagan B * Forest Lake (Eckert)
Superior (Raboin) * Hermantown (Birkeland) * Eagan C

Boys 7th grade -
Maroon Division Bracket
Eastview B * Stillwater B1 * Forest Lake Maroon B (Sauvageau)
Stillwater B2 * Duluth East B (Lind) * Spring Lake Park

Boys 7th grade -
Gold Division Bracket
Hermantown (Soumis) * Rebels Blue * Elk River B
Superior (Semborski) * Rebels White * Stillwater AType your paragraph here.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Spirit of the North (SON) sponsored by st. luke's orthopedics & sports medicine

Every November, DAYBA hosts the Spirit of the North tournament sponsored by St. Luke's Orthopedics & Sports Medicine. The SON is for boys and girls travel teams, grades 5-8, and it's one of the biggest and best tournaments in the Northland!  The 2018 SON Tournament  marks the 26th consecutive year of hosting the event,  

The tournament has multiple divisions for boys and girls teams in grades 5, 6, 7, and 8.  There is a team award for championship teams and individual awards for players on the championship, 2nd place, and 3rd place (if bracket is large enough) teams. 

The 2018 Spirit of the North Tournament will be held on November 17-18, 2018.

Tournament Sites for 2018:

Lincoln Park Middle School - 3215 W 3rd St, Duluth, MN 55806

(NOTE:  while traveling East on Grand Ave it eventually turns into W 3rd St)

Duluth Denfeld High School - 401 N 44th Ave W, Duluth, MN  55807

Proctor High School - 131 9th Ave, Proctor, MN 55810

Tournament Rules