Bob McDonald with his six children
Judy, Paul Tom, Mike, Joel, and Sue

Bob McDonald Lasting Legacy

Bob McDonald left a lasting legacy with all of his athletes and the people he touched along the way. As a history teacher and basketball coach at Chisholm High School, Bob McDonald developed an appreciation for the history of the program. The history of the McDonalds and their love of basketball is still being written and is nowhere near being over. As a family and on a personal level, they all have a love for basketball that is embedded into the fabric of their family. They have made lasting relationships with countless people and impacted so many different lives. None of the McDonald children or grandchildren got into coaching because they felt pressured to follow in his footsteps. It was his passion for the game mixed with their own love for basketball that drew them back in after their playing days were over. “You go into coaching because you like what the game did for you,” Joel said, “and you like the relationships you were able to establish because of it and you want to keep that, build on that and help instill that in everybody you coach.